Saturday, September 12, 2009

Get Your Count On

Only a slight chance of showers this evening, so the Cricket Crawl is ON. Organizer Sam Droege, who develops wildlife monitoring techniques for the USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, says sound carries farther in humid air, so conditions should be optimal as dusk approaches. Who am I to doubt?

There have been several new expeditions organize in the past 24 hours. The list now includes:

The Buffington Expedition ranging throughout Manhattan
The Feller Expedition in the Bronx and Queens
The Sweet/AMC Expedition in Brooklyn
The Jones/Cub Scout Expedition in Pelham Manor
The Mateson and Clark Expedition crossing the Bronx
The New York Botanical Garden Expedition gamely venturing into the wilds of their own back yard
The Gowanus Expedition exploring the banks of their eponymous creek
The Moskowitz Expedition in East Brunswick, NJ
The Runfola/Bronx River Alliance Expedition in the the Bronx Forest and other wild places along the Bronx River

Many of these folks will be blogging on their own and you can find links to their sites in the sidebar. I will also be updating their progress and that of the many expeditions and individuals that do not have access to teknoligy. Remember, we'll also be Tweeting (or Chirping) updates through the Cricket Crawl Twitter feed (@cricketcrawlnyc) throughout the night. I will be physically located at Cricket Crawl HQ in the American Museum of Natural History and will be posting updates about the data as it is processed by our team of wildlife and analytical experts.

Let the games begin.

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